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Yung BBQ’s New Endorsement Deal

Young BBQ's New Endorsement Deal

Yung BBQ

Yung BBQ is a woman who is a bright light to many.

Alexis Fecher, also known as Yung BBQ, is a woman of many talents and never fails to make anybody laugh.

Alexis uses her talents to her advantage to help her social media career and help her get to fame.

Celebrities and Yung BBQ

Yung BBQ is very well known to celebrities, and they love her content.

Many Celebrities such as Diddy, SZA, and Teyana Taylor repost her hilarious skits.

Her videos are delightful to watch; they include fun costumes, themes, and music. The star has such a great about of creativity its impeccable.


Young BBQ

How She Got Her Fame

Yung BBQ, aka Alexis Fetcher, uses what makes her happy to her advantage.

She loves dancing and making others laugh. She started off making small dance videos/skits and got viral.

The influencer even gets big endorsement deals, such as the one she currently has with Footaction.

Young BBQ is a star



The Endorsement Deal With Footaction

Footaction is a chain retailing company that sells athletic to streetwear shoes.

Footaction recently posted on their page about having your style and inspiring creators.

“No One Way is a fresh approach to individual style—inspired by the next generation of creators pushing the culture forward. It’s a determination to create your path, set the trend, and constantly and relentlessly evolve. Here are the visionaries bringing it to life.”

They hold contests, and their most recent one is for all the creative graduates.  Whoever the five finalists are will get the opportunity to show off their new designs on New-York fashion week, which is a fantastic opportunity.

The contestants will be able to win a cash prize. 1st thru 3rd place will receive a cash prize ranging from 5-15k. The final winner will earn their designs being sold at Footaction stores online and walk-in shops.

Yung BBQ is playing a part by dancing to the track “Optimistic” confront of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) Mural.

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