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YouTuber Dymond Flawless Opens Up About Her Mental Health

YouTuber Dymond Flawless opens up about drugs, her mental health, and depression as she also apologizes to her fans, family, and friends. In the video personal apologies are given to King Cid, Breann, and Smooth Good for all the hurtful things she had said and done in the past.

YouTuber Dymond Flawless opens up



Extreme shock was sent to viewers after the youtuber revealed that she was roofed by her own Bodyguard, which she referred to as “Red.”


“I went to the King of Diamonds with my so-called security guard named Red, he wasn’t the best security guard at that night because he actually put a roofie which is a date rape drug into my drink.” she said.


“It was really traumatic for me because I was drugged, and I didn’t even know until later because I wasn’t drinking I was only drinking out of my water. So from what I think what happened with my security guard red he put in my water bottle because he was holding all my stuff on that night.”



“The reason why I believe this is because next morning, “he was like oh diamond do you want to go upstairs to your room? I know you want to have sex.”


Dymond has also announced she is battling with bipolar depression and is taking medications. While explaining what she is going through currently she also made an input on how she is only focusing on her own self and is bettering herself in positive ways.


Dymond Flawless has 1.07 million YouTube subscribers.

If you haven’t already heard of Youtuber Dymond Flawless has 1.07 million YouTube subscribers. She’s also known for her psychotic and questionable behaviors on Instagram lives and more. Most people believe it’s from the drama and abuse from her ex King Cid. She stated, “I honestly wanted to peacefully take care of this in my own privacy because this happened in private,” Dy’mond said while accusing Jason of choking her.


“I broke up with Jason on Aug. 14, the day he put his hands on me,” she explained in the video, later claiming he got physical after she tried to end things. “He took both of his hands, put it around my neck… and pushed me against my closet door and said ‘Don’t ever say that s–t again…’ I was so scared and shocked.”



He allegedly physically abused Dymond and tried to play off the end of their relationship as a cheating scandal. After this incident she has been seen on his live performing erratic behavior such as showing up to his house and pouring bbq sauce on his car.


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