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Yaya Mayweather Possibly Facing 20 Years

Yaya Possibly Faces 20 Years

Yaya Mayweather could possibly go behind the bars for quite a while.

If you don’t know who Yaya is, she is boxing champ Floyd Mayweather’s daughter AKA NBA YoungBoy’s baby mama. And apparently, she hasn’t been doing a good job at keeping her hands to herself.

For alleged involvement in the stabbing of NBA YoungBoy’s other baby mama Lapattra Jacobs, she is probable of 20 years of jail time.

Last year the incident had been bought up shortly after YoungBoy and Yaya got into it.

She is charged with a deadly weapon charge along with aggravated assault.

Yaya, however, has a love for Young Boy no matter what happened between them.

After she had her baby boy Kentrell Gaulden Jr. earlier this year in January she professed her undying love for him despite their on and off relations.

She would even defend him during his lock-up through Instagram after he went to jail for federal weapon charges.

What Went Down?

A while ago Mayweather was at YoungBoys house and discovered the alleged victim, Lapattra Jacobs was there.

All hell had broken loose after Mayweather told her she was his fiancee and demanded her to leave then an argument sparked.

Mayweather grabbed two knives and stabbed Lapattra as she moved towards Yaya.

When Lapattra was hit with the second knife she was in a pool of her own blood.

Yaya is expected to have a pre-trial hearing in early 2022 in February.


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