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Wale Takes Break Because Of Illness

What’s Wrong Wale?

What’s going on with our heartfelt rapper Wale? It seems unclear what is bothering our DC rapper or what makes him extremely ill that he has to take a hiatus off of social media.

Wale took to social media to announce and address why he would be absent from social media for a while.

Though he doesn’t mention what is causes his pain it does sound pretty serious enough for him to take a break from one of the things he loves most.

Get Well Soon

“I am out of commission. I been extremely sick since Saturday,” Wale expresses.

He continues to say he appreciates everybody who took the time out of their day to worry about him, and that his sickness is nothing to play with.


“I’ve missed many calls and texts. Thank you to everybody who called wit genuine concern. I ain’t sure how long I’ll be down but this sh*t ain’t slight.”

“Soon as I can come back strong, I’ll be back strong. As for now, management will run my socials. Much love, see y’all soon.”

Wale’s very concerned fans have expressed that they hope him a speedy recovery and to keep him in their prayers.

Meanwhile, Wale is on his break, listen to his track Angles featuring Chris Brown.


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