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Twitter Outraged At Killer Mike For Meeting With Georgia Governor

Twitter Outraged At Killer Mike For Meeting With Georgia Governor
Killer Mike's new album, his sixth, is called <em>R.A.P. Music</em>.

Killer Mike and Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, met and Twitter is not having it.

Run The Jewels rapper, and Dungeon Family member Killer Mike met with Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, last week, much to the distaste of Twitter. Kemp is best known for stealing the 2018 election from Democratic rival Stacey Abrams by using his Secretary of State position to suppress minority voters. Under his oversight, and while he was running for governor, 665,000 people, 70% of whom were African-American, were purged from voter rolls. Abrams, who would have been America’s first Black, female governor, lost the election by 1.4% of votes.

Kemp is also known for racist political advertisements, dangerous covid-19 policies, and lawsuits against Atlanta over mandatory mask rules.

Twitter, understandably, was not excited that politically conscious rapper Killer Mike was meeting with Kemp.

Killer Mike’s response to the criticism.

Following the backlash, Killer Mike took to Twitter to explain why he met with Kemp, and that he was attempting to speak for his community.

“After I sought counsel from Community activists That I know and have worked with over 20 yrs, black judges and lawyers, black Biz leaders and my neighbors I absolutely did,” he tweeted.

Mike also said he met with his city council member, state representatives and Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeting that “I pay taxes in Georgia and own business there. I’m checking up on my dollars At work.  I also meet with my city council member, state rep and mayor.! I suggest all Georgians do the same.”

He also shared some of the issues he spoke about with Kemp. “Blacks In Ga having more than 2 percent of state contracts while making up 35 percent of the state,” he said. “Black men and boys getting free trade school vs building more jails. A justice system than deals with children’s trauma vs jailing them.”

While many liberals on Twitter acussed Mike of selling out and giving Kemp a good photo-op, Mike explained that his aunt who risked her life in the Civil Rights Movement called him “courageous.”


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