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Legendary Tupac Shakur Memorbilla Being Auctioned!

GottaHaveRockandRoll known for regularly collecting historic artist memorabilia are giving hardcore Tupac Shukur, Kanye West fans, and Drake fans a run for their money. These Auctioneers are known for selling Tupac’s bandanas, and handwritten poems from the famous East Harlem, New York rapper. They are giving these fans a rare and priceless on in a lifetime deal to buy rare music history pieces. Are you ready for some Tupac Collectibles to be yours?

An in-demand piece at the for action is a Handwritten Lyric for “To Live and Die in L.A.” This very rare and exclusive memorabilia made from Tupac’s hands is expected to ring in a whopping 100,000 DOLLARS! Live and Die in L.A. track was considered to be one of Tupac’s best songs from his second single and final album. The Lyric sheet had some altered lyrics and cross-outs only meaning this was a work in progress at the time when Pac wrote these lyrics. Adding to the auction is a handwritten Love poem made and signed by Tupac himself. His song, you could tell he was a talented writer and poet. In 1995 Pac went to prison for sexual assault in a New York hotel room. During his time in Prison is when he sent this truly beautiful poem to his girlfriend at the time Simi Chouhan. Surprisingly that’s not all they are auctioning for Tupac Shakur. They have worn gold cufflinks, fan art, brown suede shoes, handwritten unreleased lyrics, and so much more!

They didn’t forget about your Drake and Kanye fans! Drake’s unreleased Handwritten song lyrics to a song called “Talent and Timing” are also being auctioned. As for Mr. West a hand-drawn nude sketch that he signed and made in 1996 while he was still in high school. They estimate that Kanye west’s nude art will be sold for around $20,000. If you see anything you must add to your collection the auction begins July 22!

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