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Tory Lanes Claims He Was Framed

Tory Lanez obviously isn’t finished with the Megan Thee Stallion shooting controversy, especially after releasing a Funkmaster Flex freestyle on Hot 97 on Monday that talked about the issue.

Tory Lanez throwing shots at everyone

Tory Lanez went on to justify his actions through his rap and even threw some shade at his ex-girl’s name. He rapped, “On Twitter, ‘Oh he canceled,’ now I’m back here.”

“Shout out to DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, and Lil Baby/What I’m about to say is gon’ sound a little crazy/but it’s true so don’t flame me /Y’all all would have got your awards if they didn’t frame me,” Lanez rhymed.

According to those verses, in the last award period, those artists lost their biggest nominations simply due to the fact all songs featured Dababy. In 2020, DaBaby also featured on Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” with Tory Lanez, which only racked only half a million views.

Roddy Ricch didn’t take this verse lightly and in a comment that has since been deleted he wrote, “You can’t bite no harder than this. I thought you was better than this.”

At that time, Tory Lanez responded with, “I made this song about my dead homie … Idgaf what y’all n##### is talking bout right now . It really means nothing .. I went on @roddyricch beat cuz I got luv for his music.”

“And his song . I even did certain things in the song to pay tribute/homage to his song and show love .. not for y’all to tell me Im biting someone who ain’t been in the game making PLATINUM records with THIS style for even half the time I have …. One thing I want y’all to stop doing tho . Is acting as if my voice ain’t been the same for the last 9 years .. and that I don’t play a part in a lot of these new n##### sounds and styles . First time I met him he told me I inspired him . Y’all n##### can be funny man . But f### it … let’s just enjoy the music …”


His comeback

Tory Lanez’s freestyle is already off to a great start with fans…many believe it’s a successful comeback.

You can find comments such as “Tory Lanez got off” and “I was havin a f##### up morning, but that s### don’t even matter now @torylanez These bars lifted my WHOLE spirit.”


Other fans think Tory needs to get his head out of his bubble and focus on other important things…like hair care.

“Tory Lanez keep on talking about Megan he need to worry about his quick weave not falling out how you been in the music industry for 10+ years ain’t got no hit song or awards”

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