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TikTok 2021 “Buss It” Challenge

Tiktok “Buss It” Challenge

Tiktok is known for its creative, innovative thinking when coming up with new trends and dances to recent bops. With the new year starting off a new trend did to with the “Buss it” challenge.

The trend begins with Erika Bank’s track “Buss It” which was released months ago (2020), and the woman who started the trend was Erika Daliva. Daliva had little to no idea it would become a trend, only that she influenced others to recreate it with more pizzazz.

There is nothing better than to show off and flex your glow up to this trend, that is so simple and the process is also enjoyable. There is little to no skill required all you have to do is enter the frame with a lazy comfy outfit on then drop down when the beat drops looking your very best.

This is trend sets the record for this year’s most popular trend, the trend even happened to extend outside of Tiktok. Many celebrities joined in the fun as well.

Erika Banks signed to Warner Records

The rapper recently announced she was signed to Warner Records. “I am proud to announce that I am now signed to @warnerrecords @warnerbrosentertainment,” Erika writes.

“Thank you to EVERYBODY supporting me, and thank you to @1501_certified_ent.  I’m just gettin started!” Speaking about the making of “Buss It.”

She continues to talk about how “Buss It” wasn’t really her favorite track so it made her happy and how she’s blessed that it blew up as fast as it did.

“Initially, I didn’t like the song when it was completed so having it go viral wasn’t something I thought about like that. It’s a good feeling to see ‘Buss It’ go viral… It feels unreal yet exciting, I didn’t expect it to blow up so fast.”

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