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The Marie Effect, A Rising Star

Who Is The Marie Effect?

There is a beautiful and talented artist among us. Who is she you may ask? She is The Marie Effect from the ATL by the way of Montclair, NJ!

The Marie Effect is a very talented independent artist who plans to make an influence on the hip-hop industry through her music and creativity. Her music is the perfect mix of east coast hip hop. pop and house sound, with ATL trap star, and R&B.


In a recent interview, she was asked questions and we got the chance to know more about her personally and as an artist.

This is not the first time Marie has started in the music industry either, she shares that she explored her talents in high school, and songwriting happened to be one of them. She started out on Soundcloud a few years ago back in 2015.

“I started singing in Church. I discovered my songwriting skills in high school. When I moved to Atlanta I began writing and recording.”

“I first started performing around the city, and dropping music on SoundCloud in 2015.Β  I released my first single professionally in 2019,” Marie says.

The artist even mentions how growing up in Montclair that has taught her a lot about individuality and how art was always around her artistically and musically. She also hopes to create many trends and influence others while in the industry.

“I don’t follow trends, I create them.
NJ taught me to appreciate all forms of art, locally rich in art galleries, museums, historic landmarks, theater, and music.”

“Technology was a core principle in our curriculum, this knowledge has led me to edit my own visuals. ( Shout Out to Mrs. Trevant-Collins my Tech Teacher RIP.)”

Like many other artists, they are influenced by those in the same industry as them, and The Marie Effect mentions she mentions how she is heavily influenced by Rihanna.

Marie recently dropped a single as well and she says it is about how her money is a priority and it will come first before any man.

“Had To” is the single I recently released, is a hip hop vibe. Just talking shit about how I don’t need a n*gga to get my check, I’m not interested in bags and shoes, I’ve been to plenty of places but ultimately the bag ALWAYS COMES FIRST.”


She is currently working on more music that we can definitely expect to hear from her own label ICI Records.


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