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The Deconstruction of DJ Vlad

The Deconstruction of DJ Vlad

VladTV, Vlad Lyubovny, Culture Vulture

DJ Vlad. The title of “culture vulture” has been present in hip-hop since its humble beginnings. Urban dictionary has defined it as: “A person or an organization making a profit using unhonorable practices from a culture they do not care for.” Hip-hop has had its fair share of culture vultures, ranging from record executives to artists, to everything in between. It is usually the “in-between” group that causes the most damage, which has been the case for DJ Vlad. DJ Vlad is not in good company. Other similar Youtube channels also get this same label, media like DJAkademiks with his early coverage of the Chicago drill movement, and TrapLoreRoss with his range of anything.

Vlad Loses Longstanding Friendships

DJVlad has lost his three most important friendships in the hip-hop community; Mysonne, Lord Jamar, and Godfrey. These friendships go back as far as 12 years, but these once faithful friends have turned their back on Vlad. This dissolution stems from Vlad misquoting and mischaracterizing the honorable Minister Farrakhan in an interview with D.L. Hughley. Lord Jamar and Godfrey took exception to this when his confidants and former friends asked Vlad if he would apologize, Vlad asked for an interview with the Minister. DJVlad showed his hand with this; all he cares about is his bottom line. The opportunity to monetize his apology to Minister Farrakhan reveals his priorities. This issue has driven a permanent wedge between Vlad and three of his former friends.

Vlad’s Worst Incidents

  1. Bankroll Fresh: DJVlad has had a series of missteps in the hip-hop world, but they seem to follow a pattern. Vlad will report on news in the industry, but he continuously fails to portray the full story, often making a situation worse. Vlad’s continuous flagrancy hit the “proverbial fan” in the tragic shooting of Atlanta artist Bankroll Fresh. Vlad interviewed the man accused in the shooting, rapper No Plug, but he failed to interview anyone on Bankroll Fresh’s team. He claims in an interview with battle rapper Tsu Surf that No Plug’s camp reached out to him for the interview; however, when Bankroll Fresh’s family reached out to Vlad for an account of the incident from their point of view, no interview materialized. Bankroll Fresh’s uncle and our editor in chief, Shadi Powers, then wrote an open letter airing out his grievances with his former work associate. This mishap, along with the nature of every one of his interviews, shows that Vlad is mainly concerned with perpetuating a violent image within hip-hop and the black community.
  2. Leading Questions: It has often been known by many that Vlad gets people indicted because of his interviews. The way he conducts his talks, they sound more like interrogations. Vlad asks incriminating questions, like in his interview with Peewee Longway, and his focus stays on the subject of crimes and gang affiliations. He even had an infamous incident with Rick Ross over his coverage of Ross’s former job as a correctional officer that ultimately led to Vlad getting beat down by Rick Ross’s entourage.
  3. Lack Of Reinvestment: From all of the money that VladTV earns, Vlad’s estimated worth is reportedly 5-10 million dollars; he does not reinvest into the community that he makes his money. He only takes from the urban communities in ad revenue, but he does not want to see hip-hop or the black community flourish. This type of greed is irresponsible, and it feels like Vlad’s time as a credible, objective source for hip-hop news is coming to an end.

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