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Snoop Dogg Talks Wanting Control Of Death Row

Snoop Dogg Focusing As A Executive

Snoop Dogg is expanding on to his successful career, especially as an executive.

Earlier this year, he became apart of the Def Jams team as an creative consultant as well as a executive creative.

Eye On The Prize

It also seems like the legend has his focus on bigger things as well particularly his old label.

In a recent podcast with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, he revealed some things.

While talking to Gillie and Wallo he reveals, that he feels as if he should be the one left in control of Death Row Records.

He explains because he contributed a lot to create it, so the label means a lot to him.

“I think all of Death Row should be in my hands,” Snoop Dogg explains.

“I should be running that sh*t. Just like I’m in a position at Def Jam, Death Row means more to me because I helped create that. I think they should give me that and let me run that sh*t with the merchandise out, with the music all over the world. Add some new West Coast acts.”

The 50-year-old rapper goes in-depth if he had control on Death Row Records he could’ve made some awesome additions including, Ty Dolla Sign, YG, and Roddy Rich.

Blackstone has ownership over the label and the catalog currently, and Snoop mentions imagine the possibilities if he was in control instead.

“It’s just a lot of heat over there and it’s not being handled right,” he explained. “But a little birdie told me it may fly my way and if it do, you’ll get everything that I told you … If I can get Def Jam poppin’, what could I do with Death Row? Just imagine that.”


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