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Scarface Thanks Son For Saving His Life

Scarface, also known as Brad Jordan, a Geto Boys rapper, was admitted into a hospital last week following a kidney transplant. But the donor wasn’t anybody; his son Chris Jordan taken the necessary steps and donated one of his kidneys.


Scarface is doing fine

Both Jordan men appeared to be in a happy mood quickly after being carried out of surgery on Wednesday (September 15). Scarface gave a thumbs-up from his hospital gurney in a photo provided by Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince, letting everyone know the delicate treatment was a success.

Later, on Instagram Live, the Houston rap veteran hailed his son (who was in the same room) for the unselfish effort — but with a good dose of humor.

“My son saved my life and I can’t say enough about him,” Scarface said. “That boy saved my life man. And I love him so much. But I always said that shit though. He’s the best son a guy could have. Chris, you ain’t shit [laughs]. Don’t make me laugh, Chris. C’mon dawg. ”

Thanks to Chris

Scarface laid it all out on the table, whether it was the drugs or the fact that he was surrounded by hundreds of people watching the video.

“I’m so proud of you [he said looking at Chris],” Scarface continued. “I love you too much. You saved my muthafuckin’ life. You low down muthafucka. You’re selfish. Won’t let a n-gga die. That n-gga will not let me die [laughs]. I ain’t gonna tear up in here in front of all these people on Instagram Live.”

This is when he went all in and confessed, “The surgeon said I started pissing everywhere. I must have been holding it because as soon as he plugged that kidney up, I was pissin’ like a muthafucka. I didn’t even know I had that much piss.”

A nurse tried to get him to get up and roam the halls at that point, but he refused. He said, “I ain’t even farted yet [laughs]” to which the nurse said, “Well, that’s what we’re trying to get you to do.”

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