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Saweetie Guest Stars on Grown-Ish

Saweetie Guest Stars on Grown-Ish

Saweetie has grown so much from her hit “Icy Girl” back in 2018 and “My Type” in 2019. The 27-year-old star will be taking over televisions as a guest star on Grown-ish sitcom.

Previously in the Freeform comedy, Zoey made a huge decision to drop out of college so she could style Joey Bada$$ full time. When Grown-ish returns for its third season, Zoey is living her life in Miami working on a music video featuring both Bada$$ and his protégé Indigo, played by rapper Saweetie. Saweetie’s character described as self-assured and knows what she wants.

In a recent interview, Saweetie went in-depth about her character Indigo

“I think Indigo is just a little bit of a bitch. She means well, but just sometimes she says the wrong things.” She continues, “My favorite thing about [playing] Indigo was when both her and Yara were on the same page and having a good time. You can just see the love and excitement that Indigo has for [Zoey]. I think the dynamic is like a cool, bossy, sometimes mean big sister to Yara. She loves her, but she just has a hard time showing you.”

The “Icy Girl” rapper revealed her nerves when she stepped onto the Grown-ish set for the first time.

Saweetie also revealed her anxiety about stepping into the television scene, but Shahidi helped relax her nerves once they started working together.

“I would ask her for advice, and she was so easy to work with, so it was an honor and a pleasure to work with her. I know she’s gonna continue to do big and great things,” Saweetie stated.

“Even if I would mess up sometimes, she was just so helpful. It’s always nice to work with someone who wants you to do as good as them. What I will say is that she’s such a team player. She was like hyping me up and gave me the motivation, so it was fun to work with her,” Saweetie said.

The original cast of the Freeform sitcom, Grown-ish includes Jordan Buhat, Trevor Jackson, Francia Raisa, Deon Cole, Emily Arlook, Halle Bailey, Luka Sabbat, Diggy Simmons, and Chloe Bailey. Other stars such as Ryan Destiny appeared as a recurring character, and Jordyn Woods made a quick appearance on the show as well.

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