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Teen Riders

Saweetie Drops Visual For “Back To The Streets”

Saweetie And Jhene’s Visual

“Back To The Streets”, by the talented females Saweetie and Jhene Aiko, received a visual that was just released on Friday!

With this visual, these women set priorities straight and made it well known they aren’t interested in men who show no ambition in what they do. To fulfill a unique, whimsical visual, they had talented music video director David Meyers to work his magic for the music video.

The visual starts of with a little boy knocking on the door for young Saweetie and the young versions go on a bike ride in the streets at sundown. It then transitions to Saweetie on a bike with the same boy but they are both grown, and she leaves him behind for the clouds.

She takes off in the sky, with the magical purple and pink clouds, and makes stops at places such as the beauty supply. Towards the end, you see beautiful and elegant Jhene in a magical forest with Saweetie.

Costumes And Setting

The costumes for the visual were unique and fit the theme perfectly. The outfits were very fun and different in every clip throughout the visual. You got to see Saweetie in a spunky buzz cut with fun colors, which transitioned to her with a long blue wig. The outfits were also very different with a theme that was almost very fairy-like with a magical touch. 

The setting was to die for with the detailed forest with beautiful color-ways, to the alleyway where the visual begins. Many enjoyed this fun visual, as the comment section is filled with positive comments mentioning how the theme was amazing. “This is my SONG! Jhenè is so beautiful and always kills it. Saweetie is the whole package 😍😍 They are the perfect mix!” a commenter says.


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