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Queen Naija Addressing Haters…Again

Queen Naija is back at it again with another post explaining the “misunderstandings” people had about her. The message read “Queen Naija” is not my stage name…this my birth name. The first name Queen, middle name Naija.” “Also, I’m not “mixed” with black and white; My mama is black, my daddy is middle eastern. I was raised with my mother only, I came from a black woman, and I am a black woman.”


What happened with Queen Naija?

Queen Naija has posted this with the caption, “just a disclaimer.” The most likely coming from the colorist rumors, and she’s addressing the haters. Two years ago, Naija posted a YouTube video, “TIME WE GOT BULLIED!!! STORYTIME” where she was talking about her childhood. In the video, she was talking about her childhood bullies and claimed they were bullying her because they were jealous of her. She then goes on to describe the bullies as “black,” “nappy-headed,” “ugly,” and told dark-skinned females to bleach their skin. The black community was quick to respond and were ready to give her the nickname “colorist.”



What does Queen Naija have to say?

Queen Naija made tweets such as, “People want so bad to take me off my throne…ha! That will NEVER happen. No matter how hard you try. I’ll stay blessed.” She then explains on her Instagram about why she had said. “I dod a video with my ex-husband, and we were talking about bullying…and on that video I said, I always got bullied by like…Black girls and I mentioned “nappy-headed,” they used to pull my hair, And those were the only kind of girls I would get bullied by.”



“Maybe it’s something I shouldn’t have said. But, I feel like I’m a Black woman too. I see Black women speak on other Black women all the time. They can call reach other nappy-headed, this and that- but you won’t call them colorist because they’re “dark-skinned.”


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