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Outkast’s “ATLiens,” 25th Anniversary Surprise

Outkast’s Anniversary

Outkast’s impact on the music industry and culture is undeniable no matter how old you are, it all started in the mid-’90s more specifically 1994 with the famous “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.”

2 years later in 1996, however, was the release of their attention-grabbing album “ATLiens,” which really helped gain a lot of their popularity.

This year’s anniversary will mark 25 years since the initial release date of “ATLiens“, and what’s better to celebrate than releasing a deluxe edition!

SME’s Certified along with Legacy recordings are celebrating, and the deluxe edition will be released as both vinyl and expanded digital versions.

The deluxe edition was also chosen Vinyl Me, Please’s Hip-Hop Record of the Month for the upcoming month of August.

This means that the Hip Hop VMP members will get something special. They will get the album mastered at half-speed, along with it being a 2x LP galaxy-themed vinyl, cool right!

If you remember back in 2019 the company had Outkast’s “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” feature by VMP. They usually don’t use the same artists twice but there was an exception.

“We’ve had an unofficial policy — that many of our members are aware of — that we won’t do the same artist twice in any single subscription track since we launched Classics in 2017,” Andrew Winistorfer says.

He continued to explain: “But, specifically in the case of OutKast, they have a peerless catalog, and their label and the group has been very proud of the reissues we’ve done with them, and they approached us for this ATLiens reissue since it turns 25 this year.”


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