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NLE Choppa Sells 6k Albums First Week

NLE Choppa

The “Top Shotta” embraces his new sound.

18-year-old Memphis rapper NLE Choppa is best known for his aggressive, violent lyrics, melodic flows that come from his soul, and instrumentals with 808’s that will test even the best of subwoofers.

This time around for his second album following his debut project, “Top Shotta”, the “Walk Em Down” rapper went in a different direction, turning to amore spiritual, positive approach with more melodic flows than his usual fanbase is used to, and lyrics that are much more vulnerable and relatable to a general, wider audience.

NLE Choppa

The question is, did he make a mistake in switching up his entire sound? Well, the numbers might say so. According to Choppa via his Twitter, his latest project “From Dark To Light” sold 6,000 units. Compared to his debut project back in August selling 36,000 units in its first week, Choppa may have gone too far in the other direction that his fans might have lost interest in the new sound.


To be fair, Choppa did release “From Dark To Light” on a Sunday, losing 2 days of streaming, and during arguably the most important Election Week in U.S history, so it is not entirely his fault that he lost significant sales for his project and new sound. However, going forward it will be interesting to see how fans respond to the positive vibes.

Apparently, NLE spoke to the late King Von.

NLE “Chakra” is fully living up to his new spiritual, enlightened persona. When it was reported that King Von was murdered this past week, the “Camelot” rapper claims that during a meditation session, he spoke to Von’s spirit and was experiencing paranormal events in his room.

Also, he claimed that people think he is crazy because he is tapped into the world around him more than others. Needless to say, Choppa is outspoken and is always going speak what is on his mind.

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