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Nelly’s “Subliminal Diss, ” Towards Ali

Nelly’s Country Grammar Success

Nelly’s name spread pretty quickly giving him his fame with his 2000, highly enjoyed album Country Grammar.

Country Grammar is one of the Texas rapper’s unforgettable albums, as it landed the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 not only for a week for for 5 successive weeks.

The album undeniably shot Nelly up to stardom especially after it was the 9th album that received diamond certification by the RIAA.

St. Lunatics, a group that consisted of 5 childhood friends including Nelly claims they also had a big role in Nelly’s success as well.

Subliminal Diss?

Quite recently one of the members in the group, Ali he mentions how the 46-year-old rapper credited him for helping him with his career.

He shares an interview of Nelly thanking him for leading Ali to success on October 11th.

But not long after he accuses Nelly of throwing a “subliminal diss.”

Ali has made numerous accusations about the rapper in the past, now he is claiming he is the one behind his path to fame.

He then brings up the rapper’s Heartland album.

“Last night Nelly sent one of his subliminal disses towards me and my career. The Truth is ..Nelly = [talk] … Ali =[write] I wrote it & he said it and we sold 10,000,000 [diamond]… Go to his page ….. do you notice that he hasn’t said ANYTHING about that country album !!??”

“Well I’ll tell you why …13,000 !!!! Wow , that’s how many copies of that album he sold !! ‘MY’ career was writing you a career. Smh… to be continued (it’s all the most grand illusion ever pulled , and it’s all unraveling RIGHT NOW… and he’s mentally suffering trying to hide the secrets)…. now let me get ready to drop wisdom off at school !!”

Ali would repeatedly accuse Nelly of lying, and back in February he claimed after begging to bring the group back together he declined.



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