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Teen Riders

Most Watched Black YouTubers

YouTube is one of the biggest and most used social media platform among Gen Z and millennials. Entertainment, vlog related videos, and challenge videos are the most enjoyed by most users of YouTube. HipHop culture and its music revolves around this too, and is influenced by well-known Black YouTubers. Here at DSHH we are going to be listing top YouTubers that must be watched.


  1. De’Arra & Ken


24 year-old De’Arra and 25 year-old Ken or De’Arra & Ken 4 Life has amused there loyal 6.9 million subscribers with their exciting challenges, pranks, Q&A, story times, and skits. De’Arra and Ken met at a Chipotle in 2014 ever since then they’ve been inseparable. The couple has been together for 6 years and gotten engaged in 2019. The first video the couple has ever posted was on April 18, 2015. Their estimated net worth combined is 2.5 million dollars. Their overall average revenue is $800 daily ($300k yearly.)



       2. Nique & King


Lovable couple vloggers Nique & King started their channel on June 2017 and already have a total of 440 million YouTube views in total. 22 year-old Nique and 22 year-old King have been together ever since high school. They have gained popularity by doing pranks and challenges together. One of their most popular prank videos is “MOM I’M PREGNANT PRANK!!! MUST WATCH” with a total of 1.2 million views. Nique and King receive 400k daily views which converts their earnings to $2k per day and $730k yearly. On the road to their fame Nique gave birth to their 2 year-old son Kaiser Johnson. Their combined net worth is $450k.



3. Deyjah Harris


Beautiful 19 year-old Deyjah Harris who is also T.I’s daughter has taken a break from YouTube after posting her video titled “Mental Health Matters: Part 1” which has gotten 423k views. Drama with her father T.I having her virginity status exposed is one of the reasons why she has been on this break. Deyjah is still active on her Instagram and Twitter. Her net worth is 1-5 million dollars and Deyjahs primary income is from Instagram


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