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Meek Mill Called Out For Giving Kids $20 To Split

Meek Mill’s Twitter Drama

Meek Mill is well known for starting from the bottom up, which is why it came to complete surprise when he was called out for giving hustling kids only $20 to split.

The rapper posted his ATL run on Sunday through his Instagram story which showed him handing out the bill in the crowd of kids doing charity work. Twitter did not hesitate for calling out the rapper for his performative activism.

This seemed like a thoughtful deed the rapper did not have to do right? But the problem was he handed only one of the 6-8 kids the $20 bill. The rest of the kid’s faces were showing extreme disappointment and was maybe expecting a bit more from the rapper.

Some of the kids even got a little bit over upset they were reaching into the rapper’s car asking for more money. In return, the kids were berated, being warned and asked to not touch his car.

Meek insists that they split the $20 which makes out maybe $2-3 per child. Many, including his fans, were disappointed and some were upset that he was recording which led to some people believing he was engaging in performative activism.

“I don’t need to record myself doing a good deed,” One fan mentions. Many are spreading the video amongst Twitter bashing him.

One @ Meek saying “you’re the main one screaming “give back to the community,” but your frugal a** wanna give young boys who look like you only $20 while flexing in a luxury car w/ expensive jewelry. You’re a joke. And the epitome of performative activism.”

Some others decided to make jokes about the situation.

Past Donations

Even though the rapper had a bad encounter on Sunday, earlier this year he made a generous donation towards the All-In-Challenge when he donated his 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom.


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