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Mario Judah Threatens Playboi Carti To Drop Album

Mario Judah Threatens Playboi Carti To Drop "Whole Lotta Red"

Judah is coming at Carti with satan’s wrath.

Viral superstar Mario Judah is keeping up the pressure on Playboi Carti to release his long, long, long awaited album Whole Lotta Red. Two weeks ago when Carti missed his release date Judah dropped his own 4-song version of WLR, and he’s threatening to release even more fake Carti tracks if the album doesn’t drop Christmas.

Carti: mY b3sT w0rk YET . Judah: on satan it better be…cuz if u drop and it’s completely ass just like @ meh…then I’m dropping the rest of WLR…fuck a part 2…the whole album coming out…u better come with that heat buddy.”

Judah also responded to a Carti tweet telling his followers, “d0nT sL33p.”

“Nigga shut all that up,” Judah tweeted. “All that weird mysterious shit u be doin gettin old. (dis vampire ahh nigga be doin too much yo.)”

Playboi Carti has long been teasing his fans with the release of WLR, and it has only gotten more intense in recent weeks. Between vague tweets, “news” from Akademiks, and beef with Phora over graffitti promo for the album, Carti has fans at the edge of their patience. The most they’ve heard of him in official releases since 2018’s Die Lit has been two features (Tyler The Creator, Lil Yachty) and one poorly received loosie.

Mario Judah’s Whole Lotta Red.

Following a disappointing attempt at producing for other artists, Mario Judah decided to start rapping on his beats himself–– and he’s been a Tik Tok sensation ever since.  While fans clamor for more music from the brand new artist, the metal influenced rapper has sidestepped his own trajectory to make fake Playboi Carti songs. The first of these, “Bih Yah,” has over 4 million views on YouTube and nearly 2 million plays on Soundcloud.

“Everything I’m doing now is just trying to get this man to drop this album,” Judah said. “I honestly don’t know what people might think about what I’m doing. But everybody has been glad that I’ve been doing it, because we’re starting to see results.”

Check out “Bih Yah” below.

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