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Mariah Carrey’s “Save The Day” Visual

Mariah Carrey’s “Save The Day”

Mariah Carey’s song, “Save The Day,” just received a lyric video to go with it. The video was released today on Friday, October 23rd earlier this morning.

Mariah supports and partners up with “PushBlack,” the non-profit media organization. Mariah also shows why it is important to vote this year. She encourages everyone to play a part, and vote for this year’s Presidential Election coming up soon on November 3rd.

Mariah Carrey

The Lyric Visual

The visual matched up with the song very well. The visual included important key events that occurred in 2020. She mentions the worldwide pandemic, the election that is coming up very soon, and everything going on socially.

The video showcases heartfelt drawings, to honor Frederick Douglass, Raquel Willis, Sojourner Truth, and Breonna Taylor. All black people that helped form history. All the drawings you see in the visual was illustrated by talented, Molly Crabapple.

Mariah makes a statement on how much your vote counts, and how the country depends on it.

“Our country is at a critical moment in history, and I felt compelled to do what I could using my platform of music to encourage us all to take action,” Mariah says.

“My hope is that the ‘Save The Day’ video will serve as an inspiring message and spark meaningful dialogue and action across the country, for each of us to do our part to save the day.’ The lyrics of this song are all about doing your part to make a difference and highlighting the impact that each of us can make. Whether you’re an essential worker, a protestor, a student, a young parent making it work, or a first-time voter, we each have a duty to support our communities,” she continued.

“Whether you’re fighting for your community at the polls or protesting on the frontlines, I hope this video will serve as an inspiring message for you to keep doing what’s in your power to save the day, every day,” She says.

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