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Man Dies After Arrest From Leading Cops To Rick Ross’ Home

Rick Ross’ mansion will not be under investigation after a recent car chase that leads to the culprit hiding a weapon around Rick Ross’ house. The same man who made headlines for trying to get away from police on Rick Ross’s estate has passed away, but now suspicion has come to the surface and his family has questions.

The wild chase to RIck Ross’ home

The wild police chase at RIck Ross’ home has quickly turned into tragedy and many are wondering why. Just last week, police officers in Georgia surrounded the rap mogul’s enormous mansion, after a 40-year-old man named Chaka Stewart endeavored to evade law enforcement. Chaka Stewart’s luck was not in favor after he crashed his car into a tree on Rick Ross’ property and tossed a handgun.

Sheriffs from Rick Ross’ property eventually found Stewart, arrested him at gunpoint, and transported him to the Clayton County Jail. Even though they did secure his arrest, unfortunately, Stewart was found dead in his cell yesterday, and his family has some questions.

Stewart was neglected

At the moment, Stewart’s cause of death has not been revealed yet, but Stewart’s relatives talked to TMZ and claimed he was being abused inside of the jail. His mother Jacqueline Gordon said she stayed in contact with her son after his arrest from Rick Ross’ mansion, and he shared a lot of disturbing details about his treatment inside of the county lockup. Gordon states that her son told her he had been beaten up although it is not clear if he was referring to prisoners or guards.

She also said her son complained that he was being restricted to his jail cell 23 hours a day and was deprived of basic necessities like taking a shower. She also states that Stewart told her the guards were extremely verbally abusive to him. Gordon is currently waiting for an explanation from the Clayton County Jail, additionally the autopsy results on her deceased son.

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