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Luenell & Others Halts Joseline Hernandez Beef

Luenell & Others Halts Joseline Hernandez Beef

The girls are fighting…Luenell calls out reality tv star Joseline Hernandez.

Your most likely wondering what led to the mini-feud. Well, the comedian made a recent Instagram post regarding drug use, discouraging it saying drugs are killers.

“Have a drink. Smoke a self-rolled or dispensary-rolled joint. Leave the f*cking syzurp, molly, and cocaine alone,” Luenell says.

“You might be next and all you were trying to do was party. This sh*t it no joke at all. ‘The dope dealers are killing people.”

“But hey, you don’t have to listen to me,” she ends.

The Neighborhood Talk came across Leunell’s post when they also reported that she made the statement after Michael K. Williams’s death, who recently died from a drug overdose.

The site proceeded to ask their users do they agree or disagree.

Joseline Hernandez came across the question and says she did not agree with Luenells statement she also had a couple of more words to say.

Joseline fat-shamed the comedian over a post that was meant to spread awareness.

“Tell this fat h*e to stop eating. That also can kill you,” Hernandez says.

“She a burger away from a heart attack n you talking bout someone just died for whichever reason that she’s not even sure about. F*cking pig put the plate down pig pig pig.”

On Instagram, Luenell reposted Joselines shocking response and added she wants to help not offend her people with a big platform it is best to spread helpful messages like these.

“To my physical brothers….Don’t read this🚫
This morning, after 4 (actually more) back-to-back deaths and 1 person critically ill in the hospital within a very short time, I felt compelled to PLEA w/MY People to subside in recreational/Deadly drug use of Molly, Syzzurp and Cocaine, etc.”

“Well someone got obviously triggered and they are MAD Mad😆 THIS is what I received from Ms. Hernandez. I am over here packing for the next movie I am about to start filming and excited about my comedy show this weekend at the @stressfactorybpt AND The World War III Comedy Tour I’m on. Unbothered. My FAMILY and Friends however are QUITE Offended and this is their response. Gonna go make me a smoothie…..”

Many sided with Luenell, like Lil Duval saying: “If you get offended from someone telling you to stop doing drugs that’s a sign that you should probably stop doing drugs.”


Luenell & Others Halts Joseline Hernandez Beef

T.I also stands with her saying:

“Rockin wit my folks @luenell No slander shall be tolerated or condoned. & That’s that on that….”


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