Ayesha then later revealed her evidence against him with receipts showing the daily tuition of a grand total of $9000! Lil Baby later addresses the allegation speaking on how he sent her $2500 per month. “I told you I’m not paying it ’cause he doesn’t need to be at that school! I get the n***as you f****in ain’t buying you Birkins or whatever, but don’t go to the internet and act like I don’t go over an beyond for my son,” he wrote. “… Didn’t I tell you I wasn’t paying no school that I don’t want him at? Have you text me one time about Jason’s school since March? Have you text me every day about a car?” The rapper states.

Ayesha had a response to what Lil Baby had to say about the situation and then accuses him of spreading false lies. “The problem is you think it’s about a bag, and you’re too worried about who I might be screwing,” she wrote. “… This is about tuition and neglect. No way I’m a multi-millionaire playing petty, neglecting my kid’s needs ’cause I’m mad at the mommy; all the while taking care of my homeboys … That’s your money to do as you wish, but you don’t neglect my son … I’m don playing with you for the internet. I’ll see you in court.”

What do you guys think of this baby mama drama?