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Lil Baby Announces His $50M And Wishes For More

Lil Durk and Lil Baby have been seen together on stage, in Instagram clips, and in each other’s comment sections ever since releasing of The Voice of the Heroes in June.

Durk in the mix

When it comes to rappers like Lil Baby to turn their pain into hits Lil Durk has quite the expertise on that. Durk, who has experienced a variety of painful events and emotions over the last year, has spoken up about the loss of friends and relatives, the sorrow he suffers inside, his passion for his daughter, and, perhaps most significantly, his desire for the riches.

Durkio is always talking about the money, and he posted on Instagram yesterday with such a short statement: he’s ready to start flexing far more.

“Ima start putting this shit in y’all faces incase yall think we got the same amount of money,” Durkio wrote as the caption to a pic of him flipping the camera.

Durk’s Voice of the Heroes doppelganger chimed in with a message with his own, contributing to the theme of making big money and telling the world about it.

“Story of my life !,” Baby wrote. “50ms In still tryna get it right !”

Lil Baby and his account

It’s difficult to know how much money Lil Baby has generated from rap before bursting into the spotlight in 2018, however, the My Turn artist claims it’s over $50 million. Although that kind of wealth would be absurd for most people, Lil Baby has made it very clear he wants more.

Lil Baby is simply dealing with the ups and downs about becoming an A-list megastar, not just within the rap game, but throughout a variety of platforms, after just being caught wearing a fake Patek Phillippe watch last month as well as looking somewhat lost just after Megan Thee Stallion around this year’s Met Gala.

Despite the peaks and troughs, the Atlanta rapper is only looking to increase his wealth. Lil Baby is already well on his path towards generating as much cash as anyone could conceive, given his track history of crushing every specific feature and appearance.
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