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Killer Mike Speaks on Rappers in Politics

Killer Mike Gives Insight on Hip-Hop in Politics

The Run the Jewels OG Killer Mike is never short for his opinions on the many facets of society including politics.  In a sit down with John Heilemann on his Hell & High Water podcast, the ATL native spoke on a wide array of topics.

The discussion saw Mike speak on happenings that included Lil Wayne’s endorsement of Donald Trump; Kanye West running for President and Ice Cube’s interaction with the Trump Administration for the Platinum Plan.

For each topic on the table,  Killer Mike had a transparent and concise response that reflected the growth he has shown this year.  The core of his responses was rooted in the idea that politicians want to improve public perception by aligning with people in positions of influence to advance their agendas for their respective parties.

When Speaking on Ice Cube’s interaction with Donald Trump’s campaign, Killer Mike was asked if the blame falls on the West Coast legend in choosing to deal with that group. This was his response:

“They also understood that we were being ignored by the party we had been giving so much support to, and they took advantage of that, they didn’t take advantage of Ice Cube. They took advantage of the missteps of the Democratic party.”

In speaking about Lil Wayne’s Trump endorsement and visit the White House, Mike did not understand Lil Wayne’s logic but does not fault him citing that money is always an enticing incentive:

“I don’t know why Wayne did the endorsement, I’m still a Lil Wayne fan. He is one of the greatest rappers on f**king earth, but I suspect, like 50 Cent said, they offer you a million bucks, shoot, they might’ve given to Wayne … They offered 50 a million. Sh*t, Weezy, they might’ve offered Weezy three or four, you know?“

Mike showed a precise judgment and understanding of character when it came to his opinion on Kanye West choosing to run for President in the 2020 election:

Kanye could not be Kanye if he was not audacious enough to feel he could be president, he could not be one of the most free and innovative thinkers on earth. He could not be a builder of one of the largest brands…He could not be that. So I am not surprised by shit Yeezy does.”

The Hip-Hop community loves and values Killer Mike for being consistent in his compassion and transparency he shows when speaking on socio-political issues.  His sit-down with Heilemann is another example of these traits shining through.

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