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Jason Lee Beefs With Karen Civil

Jason Lee had a lot to say about Karen Civil these past few days. Reportedly the former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast member threw shots at Karen Civil for using a teenage hacker to strike his outlet (allegedly.)

Shots are thrown at Karen Civil


“When Karen Civil was running around talking about ‘Black excellence’ and supporting Black women and Black people and being all ‘Black’ and running around here trying to garner respect from m############, Karen Civil was also the same m########### paying people to hack Hollywood Unlocked, trying to put my Black employees out of business,” Jason Lee ranted on his YT channel.

Jason Lee continued, “Karen Civil paid this 17-year-old and told him she was going to put him in the rap game. The reason why I found out is that she lied to him and then he called me. But guess what? I want to interview that kid now.”


Where did the beef originate?


The obvious bad blood between Jason Lee and Karen Civil originates from the celebrity feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Jason Lee is a close friend of Cardi B, and Karen Civil was profoundly committed in promoting Nicki Minaj.

“Karen goes to work for Nicki Minaj in the social media world, trying to get the blogs to talk about her. Karen called me and said, ‘If you post these positive things about Nicki, she’ll like all your stuff and comment on your page,’” stated Lee. “I’m like, ‘What the f### is a comment and like going to do?’ I’m not f###### doing that because Nicki’s paying you to make the blogs speak for her. F### that! I said, ‘No.’”


Meek Mill’s piece of experience

Earlier, Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, also joined in and j Karen Civil for her association in Minaj allegedly paying blogs to post negative stories about him. In 2017, the Meek Mill posted on IG, “By the way Karen, I got the tapes of ya corny ass saying Nicki paying y’all for this geek s###.”

Karen Civil responded, “It’s a business. Websites, blogs, Instagram – all these things are businesses. I’m not going to stop Meek from doing anything or be a part of trying to harm him. Anything people have been posting about him, it’s things that he posted on his own page.”

Additionally, Jason Lee chimed about Harlem rapper Cam’ron having bad blood with Karen Civil in the past years. In 2016, Cam’ron pined Civil for stealing $60,000 from Representatives member DukeDaGod. This came up as response to Karen Civil openly stating the “Oh Boy” drama with Jay-Z was somewhat over a parking space at the Def Jam label offices. At the end of the day, Cam’ron emphasized the Jay-Z story was false.

Back to the latest drama, Jason Lee also said, “And Nicki Minaj, you’re letting these loser-ass b###### ruin your relationship with a n#### like me, the king of this m###########. People like Karen Civil who prey on 17-year-olds’ hopes and dreams of becoming rappers.”

Lee continued, “This kid cried on the phone because he thought [Karen Civil] was going to get him a record deal and get him out of the ghetto… She lied to him and took his $20,000 and never called him back. I saw all the receipts and got them all.”

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