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Jack Harlow Explains Not Removing Tory Lanez Verse

Harlow Not Looking to Judge Tory Lanez

Artists have been supporting Megan Thee Stallion who was shot by Tory Lanez in an incident earlier this year. Many artists like Kehlani and Jojo have removed Lanez’s verse from their songs to show solidarity for Meg but Jack Harlow has not followed this trend.

Harlow said that he does not plan to have Tory Lanez removed from the What’s Poppin Remix that also features Lil Wayne and DaBaby.  In an interview with Power 106, Harlow elaborates on why he did not take Tory’s verse out despite other artists doing so:

“I don’t think I’m God, I don’t have no room to judge anybody. I wasn’t there when this and that happened, I don’t know anything.”

Harlow continues by saying that “(there’s) a certain level of integrity you have to keep as an artist”.  Harlow has been the subject of criticism and potential “cancelation” after his album cover for his new project That’s What They All Say had a black model in the picture with him as a white rapper.

The Louisville native discussed how ironically most of the critiques that he receives come from other white people:

I remember saw somebody talking bad about me online, and you know you see that kind of stuff all the time, but I saw somebody think piece it up…and you know, it was just another white guy.”

During his interview on Power 106, Harlow was asked if he believes in the idea of Cancel Culture to which he replied he hates the “pack mentality” that comes from society:

“Just a lot of judgment and laziness and… you know, people aren’t perfect bro. I feel like people should be able to recover from their mistakes.”

Even in the face of high pressure and scrutiny, the What’s Poppin Remix in question has had great commercial success.  The song debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 100 with the collaborative efforts of Harlow, Tory, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne.

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