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Is J. Cole Taking His Talents to the NBA?

Is J. Cole Headed to the NBA?

Is one of the best lyricists ever, stepping out of the studio, and stepping on the court? J. Cole has always been outspoken about his love for basketball. In his two biggest mixtapes The Warm-up, and Friday Night Lights, Cole is on the cover art with a basketball. The title of these mixtapes uses basketball references as an undertone concept for both projects. As a young black man growing up most of us loved basketball, but most of us never made it close to the NBA.

Cole played basketball for his high school team, the Terry Sanford Bulldogs. But admitted he was a late bloomer that didn’t find real confidence until after his senior year. Aside from being a good basketball player, cole was also an excellent student, he graduated high school with a 4.2 Gpa. This Gpa earned him a scholarship to St. Johns University.

Cole’s whole game plan was to get to New York and become one of the best rappers ever. When he got to college he tried out for the basketball team, and soon found him at a major crossroad. Cole knew if he was to play on the team, being a student-athlete would leave him with no time to chase his music dream. On the flip side, cole also knew continuing his music career would mean, he wouldn’t be able to play basketball.

Even though he made it to the last day of tryouts, cole chose not to attend the tryout. At this moment he made the decision to drop his hoop dream and focus solely on his rap career. This proved to be a great decision. Cole would go to sign a record deal with his idol jay-z and sell millions of records.

Rapper or Ball Player?

All of J. Cole’s rap dreams came true, but after a while, he found himself at another cross in the road. After spending years on recording music and being on world tours, he finally had some downtime. Cole spent the majority of this downtime watching the NBA and playing basketball. It didn’t take long for the love of the game to come back. With the return of the love of the game, aspirations of making it to the NBA returned as well.

J. Cole knew this wouldn’t be an easy task, in a recent article he wrote for the player tribune cole said  I could see how steep the mountain was, but still, I wanted to climb. Not because I thought I was good enough, but because I believed that maybe I could be. Not because making it to the mountaintop was something that I needed to do, but because not trying was something that I couldn’t accept”

He knew the same dedication he put into making it as a rapper would be needed to make it to the NBA. But it wouldn’t be as easy, cole is was now a 30-year-old married man. What are the chances he makes the NBA? Cole has always been outspoken about chasing your dreams. So is that what’s next for J. Cole?

J. Cole recently signed a partnership deal with Puma and released his first shoe entitled RS-Dreamer. The commercial for the shoes is narrated by Master P. Master P was the first and only rapper to have a real shot at playing in the NBA. In the late ’90s, P signed two pre-season NBA contracts. In the commercial P says ” you can’t be serious? I know you ain’t about to do what I think you about to do? cause that would be crazy and you ain’t crazy, are you? I mean what are the odds?” The commercial ends with P saying “Hold up, I think the Lil homie really bout to do it”

At the end of J. Coles’s players’ tribune article he says “On my career bucket list, there remain a few more items to check off before I give myself permission to enter whatever the next chapter of my life may be. However, as I approach the summit of this mountain, I still find myself staring at that other one in the distance, wondering if I can climb. At 35 years old, I know that sounds crazy when said out loud, but I believe all of the best dreams do.”

The one constant message cole has been pushing since 2009, is to chase your dreams. Is he really going to attempt to live out his hoop dreams? Only time will tell. Good luck to cole if he does choose to pursue his NBA dreams, and remember to never stop dreaming.

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