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Is it the End of Love and Hip Hop?

Is it the End of Love and Hip Hop?

Love & Hip Hop first made debut back in 2011, and they already have 4 series of the franchise. They aired the New York-based show, which originally aired in 2011 then the debut of the Atlanta show in 2012, then in 2014, they launched the Hollywood franchise. Finally the fourth series in the franchise, Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which debuted in 2018.

One main factor on why we think one of the shows from the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise will be canceled, is because Mona Scott-Young is expanding her empire.

The Monami Production mogul was recently interviewed by Deadline,
Scott-Young revealed she is working on both scripted and unscripted projects about several topics. Shaka Zulu, a drama series focusing on the Aaron Hernandez case from the perspective of his wife, and a series with Black Lives Matter activist Tamika D. Mallory are all project Scott-Young is focused on.

“This is a special, unique, life-changing moment in all of our lives and especially for people of color, and when I look at how it’s being captured I’m like this entire movement is happening on Instagram being captured by cell phones,” he said. What will we have to look back on, and so we rallied some of our shooters and we’ve been following Tamika and have been on the ground with her and have that leader of sorts. She’s been thrust into the forefront of this movement and then becomes a voice of the people, not by choice but by necessity and for me, it was an incredible honor to be able to lend my skillsets for capturing this moment in time and memorializing it.”

The production of the television series will now be done in-house at ViacomCBS

Young- Scott noted that she doesn’t handle the physical production of the show. But ViacomCBS has come up with the solution of in house production. Companies include Big Fish Entertainment and Eastern TV will handle the production asap.

Scott-Young also noted that COVID-19 greatly impacted the production of the television series, which allowed them to think about the show in a new way. “It won’t change my role in the way that I work with them but there is a process now that’s taking place, and also, of course, the caution, the precautions that need to be taken with figuring out how to reimagine a docuseries and do it while adhering to safety protocols and finding a different way of making the show,” she said.

The casts of the series are known to always have people leaving and new cast members of the shows. Scott-Young hints that there may be different storytelling. She said she hopes for all shows to come back.

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