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Instagram Introduces New Feature: “Reels”

Instagram Introduces New Feature: "Reels"


Recently the Social Media Platform Instagram released a brand new feature they named Reels.

Reels is a feature that will now allow you to make short skits/videos that are 15 seconds long. Reels can be accessed by tapping the camera menu in Instagram stories. You are able to set your own music, select your own filters and effects. Users can also share these short videos amongst their friends and followers.

The instagram explore page has now been remodeled to fit Reels in, you can find on the on the very top of your screen.

The new feauture is currently launching in over 50 countries. These countries do include the US, the UK, Australia and Japan. The feauture is available for iOS  and android users.

Instagram's New Reels Setup

Reels Setup

Instagram Challenging Tiktok?

The new feauture is very similar to the social media platform Tiktok, could Instagram possibly be challenging the platform?

Tiktok is a Chinese Empire that has built its empire off of user-generated content that includes short skits, comedic videos, challenges and more.

By Instagram making this very smart move could be because they are trying to get more users attention and get them to download the app, and for users to spend more of their time on Instagram.

The Similarities

Instagram is trying their best to make the  Reels feauture very much like Tiktok.

The  feauture has the very same setup as Tiktok. Both platforms have the screen vertically so you can easily scroll through and go on to the next video.

Both Platforms have it so that you can go public or private. When you set your settings to public you will have a greater chance of becoming more known and gain more of a following.

I wonder what you guys think of this new feauture do you like it or not?

Incase if your still confused on how to use the feauture.

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