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Ice Cube Left Unsatisfied After the DNC

Lackluster Performance

Legendary west coast rapper Ice Cube is the latest to share his two cents with America’s current state of politics. With the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, August 20, Ice Cube made his feelings abundantly clear in a Twitter post. This past Saturday, August 22 he posted a video captioned “But what’s in it for us?” criticizing the speeches made at the convention. He criticizes the party for neglecting to address issues in the Black community and urges Black America to make the Democratic party earn their vote.

Contract With Black America

In the midst of the criticism, Ice Cube proposes a possible solution to the issues.  He mentions the “Contract With Black America,” a 3-page, 13 point document, that outlines demands for the Black community in America. Some of these points include better representation and opportunity, judicial reform, and the elimination of Confederate monuments/institutions. This contract does not detail how, exactly, politicians will achieve these goals. Ice Cube made it clear that the contract was not a finished product, but rather, “…designed to start the hard conversations. It was made to be perfected and debated.”

A History Of Politics

Ice Cube is no stranger to making controversial political statements. Since his early work with N.W.A., he has used his music to bring attention to racial tensions in policing. Earlier this year he canceled an appearance on Good Morning America, citing the death of George Floyd at the hands of police as the reason. His Twitter feed constantly highlights instances of police brutality and racial injustice. He is not the only rapper to fill their social media with divisive issues. Earlier this year southern heavyweight Bun B called out local police for a racist post on Instagram. Hopefully, the internet sees a greater number of celebrities leveraging their platform to bring meaningful change to these issues.

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