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HoneyKomb Brazy’s Mom Is Being Targeted

Gun violence seems to have always been one of the downfalls for rappers, especially for HoneyKomb Brazy. About 4 months ago, HoneyKomb Brazy’s grandparents were killed in an unusual shooting and house fire, around that time rumors associating with the fire suggested that HoneyKomb Brazy was definitely connected to the shooting.

HoneyKomb Brazy’s mom comes to light

In the midst of their February deaths, HoneyKomb Brazy’s mother Tenecsha Jones has made several claims that her home has been put on the radar for multiple succeeding shootings.

According to NBC15 News, HoneyKomb Brazy’s mother claims she was the intentional target of a shooting on June 3rd (Wednesday.) Jones was lucky she wasn’t home at the time and then decided to move out because she was concerned for her safety. Allegedly this is the fourth time people have shot at her house.

“They shot it up again. I can tell. I came here yesterday and those weren’t there,” pointing to bullet holes in a glass window. “Not this glass. None of that,” she said.

Coincidence or not?

She doesn’t believe her being targeted is a coincidence and goes on to say that she believes they want her son, HoneyKomb Brazy dead.

She replied, “Because they want my son Nashon Jones dead.” As of right now, HoneyKomb Brazy is currently behind bars on a probation violation, so he of course can’t do anything right now.

His mother states her concern of the shootings with: “I’m kind of like shaky, I’m kind of like nervous. I’m kind of like upset, and I lost everything.”

Two days after the Alabama rapper’s grandparent’s tragedy, he ventured to do damage control with an Instagram post but it just left people even more concerned.

He wrote, “Stop saying my granny n grandpa got set on fire. They both had COVID 19 both of them was on oxygen tanks. they blew up when they was shooting in the house.”

Many people were puzzled by his post and comments such as “n-gga got his innocent grandparents killed and he worried about what other people got to say” and “yeah HoneyKomb this is much more easier to digest smh” fluttered around social media platforms as people strived to understand how his statement was anyhow more satisfying.

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