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HOC Dez, A Rising Artist Taking On The Industry

Meet Dez

Meet Dez, a rising artist with his own unique style of music from Alabama. He has worked with some talented producers such as DeezyBeats to produce a good portion of his work.

We also got the chance to interview Dez to understand him as an artist and how he plans to take on the music industry by storm. We also got some insight on his most recent project.


The Interview

The Alabama rapper is from Gadsden and plans to add to the music industry in many different ways, he mentions how he plans to achieve this by taking different aspects of the industry and adding his twist on music while marketing.

“I wanna approach the music game at different angles due to the fact that the music game has changed a whole lot,” Dez explains.

“So I wanna give them hot singles and shoot creative videos, and put good promotion and marketing behind them,” he continued.

He feels as if it is important for the listener to connect to his music in some way, and something you can overall vibe to along with adding to hip-hop culture.

“I’m bringing back music that you can listen too and you instantly feel the vibe, you will be able to play it in your head and visualize as the lyrics play.”

Dez also specializes in writing, he explains that he writes all of his own music and even assists others in writing numerous verses and books.

“I would use a ghostwriter, I haven’t before though I’ve always written my own music. I’ve written books and verses for several local artists here in my city.”

He talks about his recent project as well that features Tana tana.

“My New single “Doin Sum Rite” Ft Tana tana Aka Montana Da Mac. It’s a song I came up with while going through a lil situation and I had an open verse on it so I was chopping up some business with my buddy Dj Kenny Mac and he knew tana.”

We are also expecting more work from him in the future stay tuned.

“I have an EP album dropping in July Prod By DeezyBeats called “Back Focused 2.”

HOC Dez, A Rising Artist Taking On The Industry

Hoc Dez



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