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High School to Scholarships

High School is a keystone in a person’s life. Whether their bad memories or food ones it’s the time to be serious and get those grades up to build up a resume. Tests and finals are a big part of high school and many would say it’s stressfully. If there’s anything more stressful is picking out the right college as well as choosing the right scholarships.


Why Don’t High School Students Enroll in College for Scholarships?


Nearly 25% of high school students considered middle class indicated they were not planning to attend college because elf massive expenses. Miscerceprtions about financial aid available, predatory lending practices by banks, or shoddy advising by high school or college advisors leads to student missing out on opportunities.


Studies show in 2017, 36% of high school graduates did not apply for financial aid. Almost nearly $2.3 billion went unclaimed in 2017 because of such high expenses and students not wanting to pay such things.



As you see most students who did have the knowledge and talents to reach for a scholarship didn’t have the right resources to get there, which is caused by a financial step-back.


So What Are My Scholarship Options?


Well you have plenty of options to choose from! Most people believe Grants and scholarships are the same thing by they are actually very different from each other. Grants are given by federal government and scholarships are given based on merits such as academic, athletic, or artistic talents.



Types of scholarships include academic scholarship, average academic performance scholarship, athletic scholarship, minority scholarship, women scholarship, creative scholarship, unusual scholarship, and community scholarships are different ones you could apply for.



Age, Sex, and wealth can all play a part on which scholarships you earn besides your knowledge, artistic, and athletic traits. Top websites like Fastweb, College Board,, Chegg, Unigo, Niche, CollegeNET, and Zinch are great for easy access to applying for scholarships.


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