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Go Trey, A Rising GA Rapper

Go, Trey

Another talented Georgia rapper is on the rise, meet Go Trey. Trey is an authentic artist who raps out of happiness and hopes to bring back that original old-school hip-hop to teach valuable lessons.

Go Trey

The Interview

What’s the significance of your name?

I got the name Go Trey because I’m always on go. A Reminder to Keep Going And Never Stop.

What city do you hail from?

I was born in Savannah GA. Moved to Atlanta as a young boy and grew up south of Atlanta in a country town called Newnan.

How are you going to approach the game as an artist?

I’m original. I just want to be myself and bring back the fun into music. The climate is very tense. I bring the joy to rap.

Who are some of the artists and producers you’ve worked with for your new music?

I have worked with DangCuzzo who has produced for Jacques and Trouble. I’ve also worked with JonBoi Beatz who has produced for Future and Rocko.

Whom would you say are your greatest influences in music today?

I would say Drake because he was the artist of the decade. No matter how many people don’t like him he is still number one every time he drops The man has the formula. I’ve been studying his old work and trying to implement it in my raps.

What are you bringing new to the game for the culture?

I’m bringing back the old school OG who teaches the young kids right from wrong. I am an example that you don’t have to trap or do crime to be successful. I’m a truck driver and that’s how I’m funding my dreams.

Explain your new single and what’s your current project?

I’m working on an EP called Rush Mode. 4 songs to symbolize Mount Rushmore and being a great one day. My new music is still in the works. I just dropped GoTrey Volume 2 and I like Trucka & Way I Grind.

So with the climate of today’s artists using ghostwriters, would you use any, and have you done any, for any artists out there now?

I won’t use a ghostwriter. I like to be original. I have written for anyone yet but I’m very creative and would definitely write for a bigger artistWhere can fans and followers find everything about you on social media? (Name your platforms)Gotreyatl on Instagram: I can be found on all music platforms by searching GoTrey one word.

We will be hearing a lot of Go Trey so look out!


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