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Gang Nem 123, Rising Hip-Hop Trio

Gang Nem 123

We have a rising group on our hands, a trio actually called Gang Nem 123. The trio is bringing in a whole new type of energy to the industry, breaking stereotypes while doing so.

The Interview

What’s the significance of your name?

It means gang gang, but just 3 of us, not 4,5, or 6.

What city do you hail from?

Springfield, IL

How are you going to approach the game as an artist?

We come with an original sound/wave. We plan on dropping multiple tapes this year and staying consistent. Trying to make our stamp in the industry. 

Who are some of the artists and producers you’ve worked with for your new music?

Gang Nem 123

We’ve collaborated with Chicago Artist Jav NoCap & Jaydoe Jaydoe from Decatur. 

Whom would you say are your greatest influences in music today?

Lil Baby, Nba Youngboy, and areas Like Atlanta, Chicago & Detroit

 What are you bringing new to the game for the culture?

New energy and sound new influence. Showing you don’t have to be a criminal to have fun & rap.

Explain your new single and what’s your current project?

Our new single “Sick Talk” (out all platforms) explains our flow. We feel our flows have advanced and are the  “sickest”. We are dropping our joint tape on June 4th, 2021 titled “Go Mode” it’s going to be a 7 song

 So with the climate of today’s artists using ghostwriters, would you use any, and have you done any, for any artists out there now?


Where can fans and followers find everything about you on social media? (Name your platforms)


You can expect more work from them in the future, and keep a lookout for new releases!

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