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Floyd Mayweather Might Fight Jake Paul

Floyd Mayweather reveals his next opponent might be Logan Paul’s little brother after he fights Logan on Sunday. Honestly, we aren’t surprised that Mayweather wants to go head to head with Jake Paul since it involves loads of money.

$100 million given to Mayweather

According to Mayweather himself, he expects to make between $50 and $100 million for the 8 matches fight against Logan, so of course, he is positive to earn that much money or more against Jake. Additionally, Mayweather informs media he’s previously earned a huge paycheck of $30 million for the Logan fight, and that was paid beforehand. Depending on the PPV numbers, Mayweather says he can hit the 9-figure mark.

Mayweather went on to boast that he’s been a huge influence on the game with the first boxing/MMA crossover when he banked $350 MILLION for the 2017 fight against Conor McGregor. Regarding Logan Paul, Mayweather knows people think it’s a no-win situation for him but has no concerns about their opinions.

“To me, it’s a win-win but I’m in a no-win because if I knock him out fast in the 1st round, they’re gonna be like ‘Aw man this wasn’t worth it.’ If I let it go a few rounds and drag it out, they’re gonna be like ‘Aw man, he let a YouTuber hang in it for a few rounds’. But, it is what it is. We’re gonna have some fun Sunday.”

As of right now, the 44-year-old boxer also clarifies that nothing has been finalized, but “After Logan, probably Jake. We don’t know. We will see.”

Bad blood

It’s been already clear that the 44-year-old boxer and the 24-year-old media star don’t like each other, especially after the immature incident where Jake stole Floyd’s hat at a media event in May, and Floyd was so angry by it he threatened to kill the 24-year-old.

Before that incident, Jake was ready to fight ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley, which Floyd wanted to sign to a boxing contract.

“I would love Tyron Woodley to come to Mayweather Promotions, well Mayweather Boxing gym — and I would love to sign Tyron Woodley so he can be fighting other fighters in the sport of boxing. “Not on a high, high level but on the same level as what Jake Paul is doing because Jake Paul is fighting a bunch of nobodies. So, why can’t Tyron Woodley do that and I sign him?!” he stated.

Floyd has also made it clear that he wants to help train Tyron for the Jake fight.

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