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Fat Mack ft. LoStarr – “Fresh Out The Trap”

Recently Southern fried rapper Fat Mack emerged with a single and video for his song “Fresh Out The Trap” produced by NFL Big Boyy.

Fighting court cases and the general struggle that results from trying to make it out of a small southern town in Mississippi, Fat Mack has put all of the struggles behind him with his new single that’s shining a bright light back on the Magnolia State.

“The last five six years I’ve just been going through a lot of trials so it slowed me down from doing a lot of music, I had a lil incident and it wasn’t nothing major, but the rap music scene isn’t a huge thing where I’m from. We got a few guys that do music but we don’t have a big scene in Meridian, Mississippi. The Jazz and Blues are big here, but outside of Meridian, Jackson is the next biggest scene. We don’t have a lot of major artists besides big K.R.I.T.. We got Rae Sremmurd from Tupelo, David Banner is from Jackson, but I’ve just been working on my craft the last few years so I can achieve my goals and follow in their footsteps with my own sound.”

With songs like “Missing You” and “Make It Look Easy,” Fat Mack has a host of friends, family and fans that have jumped on the bandwagon expecting him to be next up in Mississippi.

Having worked with Twisted Genius who is also from Meridian and is currently signed to Quality Control, Fat Mack has the sounds that can easily make people move from the streets to the clubs.

Gearing up for the release of his album, Wanna Be RapperFat Mack is just preparing for his EP and his chance to shine.

“Its just a timing thing with everything that I’ve been going through. There is so much other shit that people are pressing me to do, so I’m ready to spread my wings and work with some of the biggest rappers and producers in the game,” Fat Mack said. “Honestly for the last year we’ve just been recording heavy and getting the content togethe so that I can start the year super strong with content. We just want to network and get a few features and just gearing up for next year so that we can hit them hard.”

Being from a small town in Mississippi, outsiders aren’t aware of the style and swagger that people from Mississippi exude, its not all cotton fields and country out there.

“It’s crazy when you come from a small town people think that we from Mississippi so we can’t get gear and carry ourselves. People think we are from Detroit or Chicago when they see us, it’s not as country as people think. We are the heart of music out here with jazz and blues and we got our own sound,” Fat Mack explained.

“My whole thing its that when you come from Mississippi a lot of people tend to sound like somewhere else. Like Memphis or ATL or New Orleans or Texas. But we got our own sound. I don’t sound like nobody. We don’t have our own identity out here so I got my sound and I don’t want to sound like anyone else. We don’t have a scene so sometimes people may lean to try to create music from those areas and that’s why I just want to keep my authenticity and make music that I’m proud of from here.  I’m gonna let the music speak for itself cause we got a bunch of dope people from out there, a lot of people don’t even know the influence that we have.”


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