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Fan Yells “N – word” At Lewis Brinson

Racism is a common yet unfair battle many POC face today…Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson was targetted to this during his final at-bat during Sunday’s game against the Colorado Rockies.


Lew Brinson gets hit with the n-word

Before being hit with the n-word, Lewis Brinson was at the plate at the top of the 9th with the Rockies ahead of the Marlins by, and with one out logged … the Miami Marlins outfielder had stepped up to play. Directly after his second ball, a bystander in the stand began to abruptly yell the slur.

The man’s words were heard over a mic, so many heard him clear…he kept repeating it over and over again in Brinson’s direction. It was pretty obvious he was attempting to gain attention since the guy turned around to look at himself on screens.


Sport teams have not spoken about this

As of right now, we aren’t sure if the man was found and punished for their inappropriate actions since neither the Rockies nor Coors Field addressed the issue. This is sorta strange that none of the teams have spoken out about it since reporters and broadcasters who were watching/covering the game, have spoken out.

At least all broadcasters and reporters want the same justice: for the fan to be ID’d and banned for life for using such language. Marlins play-by-play man Paul Severino explained his feeling on the topic.

“The level of hate that was displayed has no place in this world. Unfortunately, it’s still far too prevalent. We need to be better. And soon. Awful.” The sentiment was similar among the others, too.

On a good note, Brinson has been doing pretty well in this series. He’s gotten 2 hits Sunday and 3 on Saturday, so he was definitely giving the Rockies problems. It was quite unexpecting to hear this happened to him, but after all, life is unpredictable.

One thing we have caught is that the MLB App isn’t allowing anyone to watch the Rockies/Marlins game. We are positive the game is getting archived at the moment, but it’s most likely the league is censoring it.

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