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Famille Forever, Rising ATL Duo

Famille Forever And Their Music

There is an up-and-coming group Famille Forever with 2 unique brothers Bones Lennon and $moov€ ready to take Atlanta by storm.

They produce mainly hip-hop/rap and have an overall very upbeat tone to it. The majority of the duo’s music has max-level energy and very high confidence levels, like in their track “Own It.”

Walk in this b*tch like the bill paid
Life feel much better when you the owner
Grown man shit like my d*ck touch the water
We self invested self employed

They also have plenty of other phenomenal tracks I recommend looking into like Legalize It, which is about the legalization of marijuana and a personal favorite Black Man.

They are a very chill group that distinguishes themselves from others in the industry you can check out some of their work on their Spotify, youtube, or iHeart radio.


In an interview with DSHH, the duo talks a bit about themselves and their significance to rap culture in Atlanta today.

Like their music, their names even have a significant meaning to it that they explain how it is about a family bond, related or not.

“Yes “famille” means family in French and family is forever. Whether kin or unrelated family is the bond of love and loyalty,” they explain.

They have even been in the game for quite some time now, since 2006: “We put our first official record out in 2006 under the name TNT Boyz. Later dropping the Boyz for Famille with the nation wide hit ‘Mental’.”

The duo explains their recent projects and their most recent, “Black Man” which was released in February in Black History Month. The name speaks for itself, and the significance of the track is to explain the struggles of a Black Man in the US.

“We just released “Black Man” during black history month.  We’re basically acknowledging the struggle of the black man and the steps needed to be taken in order for progression to take place. It’s really just a positive message for our people.  It’s short so if you didn’t get the message the 1st time listen to it 2 more times to retain it.”

You can also expect to hear some more music from the group in a few months, they have some things up their sleeves that should be expected to be seen around June or July.



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