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EXCLUSIVE: Decatur Slim Bringing Gangsta Back

Exclusive: Decatur Slim Bringing Gangsta Back

Decatur Slim Talks New Music and Impact in the Industry

In a DirtySouthHipHop exclusive, Decatur Slim, born Justin Cody, spills all the tea about his bid in the feds and his re-entry in the rap game. After a 7-year hiatus, Decatur Slim is making his mark in the industry with wisdom and reality.

Proudly hailing from Zone 6 East Atlanta off Moreland Ave which is affectionately known as “Decatur Where It’s Greater,” Decatur Slim said his name isn’t just about the location, but about the whole vibe of his hometown.

“My name represents the energy of everybody from the old Atlanta from the eastside,” said Decatur Slim. According to Decatur Slim, his name and presence embody “The spirit of those who made something out of nothing…The early architects of the sound Atlanta has so well-crafted now.”

Although his career was put on pause for a minute, his experiences and growth during that time only sharpened his skills and gave him more to talk about in his rhymes.

Slim explains, “I started rapping in 2011 but I took a 7-year hiatus in the Feds and now I’m back with a lot of shit I experienced and something relevant to say.”

“Wisdom and Experience,” he continued, “…Money and Fame can’t buy that. If a man with wisdom and a man with money enter a transaction together. The man with the wisdom will normally leave with money and the man with money will normally leave with only wisdom. Believe that!”

Exclusive: Decatur Slim Bringing Gangsta Back

Unlike many of the other talented artists from the area, Decatur Slim isn’t just a flash rapper spitting shallow bars that are one-sided. According to the “No Kizzy” emcee, his music has more substance to it.

“I’m approaching the game like a Kiosk in the middle of the mall. I’m giving nothing but jewelry and OG knowledge in my raps. You listen to me and you hear both sides of the coin. Not just romanticizing crime but touching on real issues like credit, homeownership, and fatherhood. Real OG shit!”

Decatur Slim said another difference between him and others currently holding it down in Dirty South Hip Hop is that he writes all of his own lyrics. “I’ve ghostwritten for many major artists,” he recalled, “but I personally wouldn’t use any. Rap is just that…Rhythm and Poetry! I feel like you’ll never really know yourself until you write a poem about yourself…Its power in the pen. It was one of God’s first creations!”

Inspired by Jay Electronica and Rick Ross, Decatur Slim said he relates to “that Boss Talk that Sack Talk” style of music. For his new project, he’s stuck mainly with the two producers that align with his sound, FKI Rich and DJ Plugg, but he has definitely made his rounds in the past with the who’s who.

“Everything’s really been organic [for this project],” said Decatur Slim. “My main 2 producers are always FKI Rich and DJ Plugg. That’s my sound and I’m just perfecting my craft. I’ve worked with everybody before though; Mike Will, Sonny Digital, Will A Fool, DJ Spinz, Beat Billionaire, Lex Luger, Lil C, Ensayne Wayne, everybody popping in the city.”

His newest single “Gangsta’s World” off his project ” Big Ol Ahk Money” samples the popular Gangstas make the world go round. It was produced by FKI Rich and the visual was shot by GVisuals.


You can connect with Decatur Slim at  or with the handle @RealDecaturSlim on IG, Twitter, and FB.

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