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EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Chef Zairilla Bacon talks Cannabis, Cuisine, and Hip Hop

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Chef Zarilla Bacon talks Cannabis, Cuisine, and Hip Hop

Celebrity Chef Zairilla Bacon and the Discreet Way to Elevate

Chef Zairilla Bacon creates the perfect marriage between cannabis, cuisine, and hip hop with her Bacon brand of teas, tinctures, topicals, and culinary line of products.

DirtySouthHipHop had a chance to speak with the celebrity chef about her brand, career, and inspiration.

According to Chef Z Bacon, she has been cannabis-friendly and a culinary artist for 20 years. She has been infusing the plant into her cuisines for more than 10 years.

Originally from The Windy City, Chicago, Illinois chef said her name was inspired by what came on her television screen one night after getting high.

“I was a bit high one night,” said Chef Zairilla, “watching Godzilla and my real name starts with ‘Z’, so I changed it to Zairilla. Then an Oscar Mayer bacon commercial came on and it hit me…”Bacon Bitch.” And it’s been Z Bacon ever since.”

Chef Z Bacon describes cannabis as “the perfect plant” and said it is “perfect for the 3 instincts of being hungry, happy, and relaxed.” (Also referred to as “Highly Medicated)

According to Chef Z Bacon, her products in her ZBacon brand, such as the teas, combine Cannabis Sativa and Camellia Sinensis to provide the highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants to give a feeling of euphoria, relaxation, and also a “healthy component for whole-body wellness.”

“Our hot items are our spices, gummies, teas, and recovery oil for tattoos, waxing, and shaving.”

In addition to the individual products being sold on the Z Bacon website, Chef Zairilla recently launched subscription boxes and has “several other products in development” for future launches, such as infused garlic olive oil, infused wing sauce, infused salad dressing, and infused almond brittle. Some of the items are awaiting FDA approval and a facility for manufacturing and distribution.

The chef shared with DirtySouthHipHop that she doesn’t only cook with cannabis, but has also been a budtender which gives her an advantage over other celebrity chefs who simply use their name for marketing benefits.

“I have spent years researching the plant and being in the industry,” Chef Z Bacon explained. “I chose products developed by my product development team that use high-quality ingredients and that have third party testing.”

“Unlike other brands for celebrities where it’s just a marketing company putting the celebrity’s name on products, I actually know my products, have walked the cannabis and hemp fields, seen the extraction, tested the products, and work for hand in hand with my team.”

According to Chef Z Bacon, her team stays updated on trends and research which helps them continue to be innovative and forward-thinking in their field. She also said the team is outfitted with a professional food stylist/manager and a professional graphic designer who elevates their social media postings and website to new levels.

To add some musical flavor to the brand, Chef Z Bacon said she will be dropping “The Bacon Bitch” theme song and mixed tape soon.

Chef Z Bacon has prepared meals for many celebrities, such as Method Man, Redman, Scottie Pippin, Mike Tyson, Coolio, Peppa of Salt N Peppa, DJ Slim, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, and more!

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To connect with Chef Zarilla Bacon, check out her website and social media:


Instagram: @zairilla_bacon

Facebook: Zairilla Bacon

Twitter: @ZairillaBacon

YouTube: Zairilla Bacon

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