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Ex BMF Member Threatens 50 Cent

Black Mafia Family (BMF), 50 Cent’s latest STARZ tv series, seems to be popping up in convos, however, some senior members of the drug smuggling and laundering enterprise aren’t thrilled.

Bleu DaVinci, who became the only rapper on the BMF Entertainment label in the 2000s, cautioned 50 Cent as well as the show’s producers that if he were to misrepresent, there’d be conflict. JBo, a former BMF underboss, has already answered, but with a nice amount of humor.

Jbo defends BMF legacy

Jbo posted a video on Instagram this Tuesday (October 19) where he mercilessly mocked DaVinci, depicting him as just a pathetic musician wanting to re-enter the label (BMF). Jbo uses footage from the 1991 film The Five Heartbeats to edit DaVinci’s head onto Eddie King Jr., who tries unsuccessfully to rejoin.

Bleu DaVinci announced his grim threat on October 12, reporting to 50 Cent, “The only thing I’m saying is that if they handle my name wrong, I’m coming to see you. The writers, the producers, the directors, the executive producers, y’all play with my name — I’m telling y’all right now. Y’all play with my name, it’s up. Period.”

He further cautioned to shut down the production of Black Mafia Family (BMF) if he wasn’t pleased.

“There won’t be no more shooting,” he continued. “No more filming that shit. I’m gonna try to find a way to fuck up everything about it if you play with your name. Soon as I get the first report, ‘Aye, bro, they playin’ with your name,’ I’m coming. Just already know. Have your security beefed up … ’cause I’m gonna give it to they ass, too. I ain’t finna play with my name. I’m gonna go all the way out.”

In the 2000s…

Bleu DaVinci was sentenced to five years in jail for his involvement with BMF. Furthermore, Big Meech and Southwest T, the BMF’s founders, had been sentenced to long prison terms, however, Southwest T was freed last year due to COVID-19 issues. Despite the fact that Big Meech’s term was lowered, he also isn’t anticipated to be discharged until 2028.

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