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Euphoria Special Episode Coming Soon

Euphoria drops special episodes for the holiday season

With the new Euphoria episode coming up, fans are more than hyped up for what is coming in season 2.

The holidays are off to a great start especially for fans of the teen-sitcom because of the upcoming holiday episodes available on December 6th. The episodes will be divided into two parts, the part you are expecting to see later this week is called “Rue: Part 1.” Many fans are very excited for the episode, but were told this is not a season 2 after last years finale.

In the trailer, it hints you will be able to see more of a difference from the usual perspective. In the full 50 seconds, you will see Emmy award-winning, talented Zendaya in a diner. Though the trailer is very brief, a lot manages to sum up what you will expect on December 6th. The trailer picks right up from where season 1’s finale left off, with the aftermath of Rue’s (played by Zendaya) girlfriend Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) leaving on a train without her.

Rue resorts to drugs and ends up in the diner where she bumps into the guy from her Narcotics anonymous meetings, Ali (played by Colman Domingo.) There is expected to be another part following part 1 but so far there isn’t that much news heard about it for now.

About The Sitcom

Euphoria is about multiple teens with different storylines going through highschool and figuring out their futures. Throughout the show, they explore their sexualities and experience life as a teen that includes euphoric parties drinking, and drugs.

The show stars Zendaya who plays Rue and earned an Emmy for her hard work and talented acting in the show. Other actors/actresses you see on the shows include Hunter Schafer as Jules Alexa Demie as Maddy and more.


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