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Dr. Dre Still in ICU After Aneurysm

NWA Legend in Hospital After Medical Emergency


Last week (January 4) Dr. Dre was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after suffering a brain aneurysm. Since that time Dre has been in the ICU unit to monitor his condition.

Although he has made a post on his Instagram signifying that he is okay, doctors want to keep an eye on Dre to make sure that he does not have another incident.

Doctors are also interested in conducting more tests to see if they can identify the cause of the aneurysm. In the event that he has another aneurysm, time would be an important factor in saving Dre as a patient.

Since his hospitalization, Dre has had many challenges in his personal life.  There was an attempted break-in on his home located in the Pacific Palisades.  Nothing was reported missing and all four burglars were apprehended.

In the continuing divorce settlement between him and his ex-wife Nicole Young, Dr. Dre agreed to a one-time $2 million payment in temporary spousal support.

Nicole’s payment does come with two conditions, the first being that she pays for the $5 Million legal fees that she originally wanted Dre to pay.  The second condition was that the $2 million payment would be the only money that Nicole asks for until the next court date in April.

There was another agreement reached between Dre and Nicole where Dre will also pay for Nicole’s home in Malibu as well as her mother’s home in the Palisades.

The divorce case between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young has been going on for six months and has included accusations of manipulation, embezzlement, and domestic violence between the two of them.

The deal was signed following Dre being admitted to Cedars-Sinai and allows him to focus on recovery without worrying about his divorce.

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