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Diddy’s Letter To Corporate America, Racial Equality

The Letter

Sean Combs AKA Diddy speaks up about the mistreatment of the Black Community in America’s economy, specifically calling out General Motors. Enough is enough and it is time for racial equality.

Recently Diddy wrote a letter directed to corporate America that was released on REVOLT. In his letter, he calls out major companies such as General Motors. It was mentioned how when it comes to Black-owned businesses companies barely show any attention to them and don’t offer nearly enough advertising as they should be receiving.

Diddy’s Letter, If You Love Us, Pay Us

A small percentage of the money companies like General Motors make is contributed to Black-owned businesses, which is ridiculous when these businesses have a huge influence on the economy which you cannot ignore.

“Corporations like General Motors have exploited our culture, undermined our power, and excluded Black entrepreneurs from participating in the value created by Black consumers.”

“In 2019, brands spent $239 billion on advertising. Less than 1% of that was invested in Black-owned media companies,” Diddy explains.

Major companies will always claim themselves to show their full support to Black-owned businesses, however, their actions don’t seem to support their words. Black-owned businesses aren’t getting the support they need from distributors as other businesses are.

“It’s disrespectful that distributors refuse to carry Black-owned media brands in an era where our impact and influence is undeniable.”

The Black community deserves an equal amount of spending as they contribute to the economy which is around 15%, Black businesses aren’t even getting that much for advertising when they have one of the biggest influences.

“We demand that Corporate America reinvest an equitable percentage of what you take from our community back into our community.”

“If the Black community represents 15% of your revenue, Black-owned media should receive at least 15% of the advertising spend.”

“If you love us, pay us! Not a token investment. Not a charity check or donation,” Diddy ends his letter with.

If you do not stand with the Black community on this you are automatically against it, there is no neutrality. Neutral is just meaning you do not believe Black-owned businesses deserve the support they need.


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