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Dance meets Hip Hop with Nelly And LL Cool J

Dance meets Hip Hop with Nelly And LL Cool J

Hip Hop And Dance?

Rappers Nelly and LL Cool J have decided to switch their game up a bit by becoming active in the dance world.  These two hip-hop icons have decided to broadcast their talents in different artistic expressions; dance. Nevertheless, these two are not unfamiliar with the heavy exposure given to them by media.  Nelly and LL Cool J are considered Hip Hop icons and have formed careers around hip hop so actively building a portfolio in trendy dance shows as icons are pretty dope.

Rappers Next Steps

Cornell Haynes Jr. or Nelly (in short) will feature on the 2020 cast of Dancing With The Stars along with many other participants. Prior to Nelly’s Dancing With the star’s opportunity, he was apart of the Verzuz battle between him and Atlanta native Ludacris. Dancing With the Stars is a show where many discrete celebrities come and show off their dancing talents.  Nelly will be premiering in the DWTS 29th season on September 14, 2020.

LL Cool J has been in the media since the late 1980s.  He also has had roles in tv sitcoms like ” In The House”. LL Cool J stars in the action series NCIS where he plays the role of a detective named Sam Hanna. NCIS’s first episode aired in 2003.  LL Cool J will be executive producing a show with his colleague who also starred in NCIS, Chris O’Donnell,  called ” Come Dance With Me”.  LL Cool J show is screening children’s talent by inviting them on the show to compete in dance battles. The concept behind LL Cool J’s show is to bring out children who are very skilled in dancing. But the challenge of the show is to also bring an adult who has supported the child’s dream of dancing and get that adult to learn the dance moves the child is willing to teach them.

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