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CyHi The Prince Targeted For Assassination


Last month CyHi The Prince experienced one of the most traumatic things ever, he was targeted for assassination. He tells the story and the details about the entire situation.

While he was driving on the ATL freeway his Bentley was hit with multiple bullets, this caused his car to bump into a nearby pole and crash into a tree. Unfortunately, that was not all, after he crashed the shooters came back to finish him off but failed.

CyHi is left in the dark on why this happened, he is contemplating if it was from his youth years or he was mistaken. In an interview with HIPHOPDX, CyHi opens up about the traumatic experience.

CyHi Interview

“To me, I feel like it could have been a mistaken identity because I do have a vehicle that a lot of other stars and MCs have that are here, artists that are here,” he explains.

“But also when I’m out of town and I’m doing my Wyoming thing, Sunday Service and writing for other artists, I do have loved ones and friends who might be indulging in things that may not necessarily connect to me or I may necessarily not know about because I’m not in the loop like I was when I was a lot younger.”

“When you grow up and people are feuding and it’s a lot of street beef and it’s a lot of rap beef, everybody’s kind of involved.”

“Sometimes people may think that you’re more involved than what you are due to your past affiliations or that. So, it could be that or like I said, it could be just something that a random mistaken identity. I really haven’t gotten to the bottom of it, but I’m just, at this part, staying out of the way until I get more information on it.”

CyHi then explains this is not the first time a situation like this happened to him to HIPHOPDX.

“To be honest, it’s almost therapeutic.”

“This is not the first attempt. When I was younger, we got into things, but that was almost warranted. It was almost like OK, you’re preparing your mind for it. You’re in this chaotic street gang and you kind of making money. So your mind is prepared for these types of situations.”

We are glad CyHi is safe and it is a blessing he is still here with us.


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